All Baths And Options:


Basic Baths Cost $20.00 In-house

$25.00 for dogs without reservations


Flea & Tick Treatment - $15.00

Our flea and tick is a tub bath


Re-moisturizing - $15.00

Dry skin can cause itching.  Add an oatmeal conditioning treatment to repair damaged coat and leave skin soft.



Bathing with Anivac


Anivac is a unique and versatile system. It is the newest and best method to clean our four legged furry friends of dirt and odors. It resembles a carpet cleaner but carpet cleaners work from the top down.

Animal hair is virtually waterproof at skin level. Scrubbing from above by giving a dog a bath in water makes it difficult to reach the skin.


Anivac has a wand with little nozzles that act like a comb. Once the nozzles are sitting on the skin they spray and wash the skin first, then the coat pushing the dirt up and into the vacuum force of the wand that removes urine, bacteria, dirt and debris directly against the skin. Not only does this method of bathing clean the skin but also massages the hair follicles stimulating the release of fresh oils that protect the hair.


We use Pure Oxygen Shampoo with our Anivac. It is an excellent way to deodorize and clean. Unlike most shampoos, that contain perfumes, Pure Oxygen contains no added fragrances. It restores the natural softness and brilliant shine to your dog’s coat. There is literally no mess because the shampoo converts the water into vapor and oxygen. Pure Oxygen kills bacteria and odors.


Bathing with Anivac saves 90% water.


For example to bathe a German Shepherd the traditional way would use 30 gallons of water. By using this system we would use 2 1/2 gallon.


In addition to being able to give your pet one of the best baths they have ever had we also use Anivac to clean the floors inside our facility. This is known as Hydrojet cleaning which uses an Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant.


We are able to use this on any hard surface in our facility and it will eliminate the use of mops and cleaning cloths that become bacteria laden thus preventing the spread of germs.


Hydrojet cleaning is based on a simple concept of applying the fresh cleaning and disinfectant solution to the area being cleaned then immediately vacuuming away the soiled solution. Thus giving our facility a cleaner environment and with the elimination of sweeping and mopping it gives us more time to spend with your pet <3


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